Keys To A Balanced Ayurvedic Diet: Interview With Lissa Coffey

A lot of my clients and friends find Ayurveda very intuitive once they start studying it. However, applying it to daily life, especially cooking and eating can be a bit overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, it gets much easier with time!

Even after studying and experimenting with Ayurvedic way of living and cooking for several years, I still learn something new almost every day! One of my favorite ways to learn is to interview various experts, book authors, and people who have been using Ayurveda for several years. Today I am sharing a fun interview with Lissa Coffey!

Lissa Coffey is a Lifestyle, Wellness & Relationship Expert. She is a Host/Producer and an author of several books including What’s Your Dosha, Baby?  and What’s Your Dharma?. Recently she wrote new book Perfect Balanced Diet . It’s about losing what weighs us down, and gaining balance, a new perspective on life that is holistic and happy.  This is a lifestyle filled with meaning.  It’s joyful, practical and easy. This is exactly what we sat down to talk about and you get to listen it!

Here is what we discuss:

  • Lissa’s personal story with Ayurveda
  • A sneak peek into LIssa’s daily Ayurveda routine and diet
  • One ayurvedic ritual that Lissa can’t live without
  • Keys to a balanced diet according to Ayurveda
  • A sample day of Ayurvedic diet: sample breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • One simple thing/concept from Ayurveda that in Lissa’s opinion everyone should know

Check out new Lissa’s book and if you want to learn what I eat in a day, make sure to watch my FREE class Healthy & Quick Meal formulas.

In the comments below let me know what is a perfect balanced meal for you?

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