It’s Never Too Late: Getting Fit at Sixty

An Inspirational Lifestyle Change Story

Do you ever feel like it is too late to change things? That change is for young and strong, and that you deserve to be stuck in a rut? We all go through dark moments when life is just not bright enough. At times like this, nothing creates more spark than an inspirational story. Here is your inspiration cure!

It is a guest post from a wonderful 60-year old woman who is changing her life. With courage, against all odds, and with a lot of inspiration! Note: I have a small favor to ask of you at the end of the post. Please, please, please do it for me and for Elizabeth!

There are probably many psychosocial reasons for why I ended up at nearly 200 pounds with an overwhelming feeling of loneliness – despite a stable marriage, an active mother, two married and happy children, one adorable grandchild and a sister who has listened to my woes for years.  I periodically investigate and analyze the reasons; but regardless of whether my analysis identifies trends or rationale, there has never been an impetus for sustainable change.

Certain age milestones, like turning 30, 40 or 50 have meant little to me. Rather, I have focused on family, work or dealing with menopausal symptoms (for which I was prescribed anti-depressants to manage the symptoms), without any regard or attention to where I am in life. Generally too wrapped up, either in fact or in my head, to think about what my life means, I have only acknowledged that life has always been a little hard to handle.

But turning 60 this year has given me pause.  Except for the weight, I am the same girl I was 40 years ago – uncertain about the future, with a timid heart and a passionate longing for a full, genuine, spiritual and meaningful life.

Many great websites, programs and books, fill my bookshelves and Favorites tab – all about integrating healthy living for meaningful change: Integrative Weight Loss at Kripalu, Dr. Douillard’s ayurvedic weight loss, Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy Diet, and Nadya, the “modern ayurveda girl,” to name a few.  Nothing penetrates or takes hold in an insulated life.  Yet, chronic physical problems and turning 60 have caused me to gasp for air and commit, with greedy ambition, to live my best life.

I decided to taper off medication I had been taking for over 10 years.  I had tried to do this before, but found a great website, that gave me the strength to really do it: Although just an Internet community and not a real-life support system, people were there to answer questions and provide tools to successfully wean off the medication.

When I mentioned wanting to be healthy, my husband’s rowing coach and nutritionist, Laura Hutchinson,  suggested a gentle cleanse.  This was an unbelievable jump-start and I’m now doing Arbonne’s 30 Days to Fit Challenge.  Beginning with rules is okay for me because I need structure.  Left on my own, I will expend my life energy reacting to the demands of my various roles or to life in general.  As I gently reintroduce yoga to the beginning and end of my day, I’m gaining flexibility, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well, allowing me to make different choices about how I spend my energy. Unconsciously tapping into my inner most hopes and desires, and I have experienced moments of happiness. Happiness –not tied to who I am or what I do – just a feeling of happiness. 

Fifteen pounds lighter and I already have better sleep and more energy.  For the biological behavioral change I seek, I know I must reach out for support. I’m looking to the younger crowd who inspires me with their zeal for health, fitness and technology and the wise ones who have always followed their passions no longer intimidate me.  There’s a resolution happening within me.  Hey, it’s not that bad to turn 60.

Elizabeth is an insurance professional with a masters degree in psychology, looking to expand her horizons.  She is married and has two children, a son and daughter in-law and an an awesome granddaughter. Elizabeth documents her progress at

A favor I was talking about: Are you feeling all teary-eyed and inspired by Elizabeth’s story?! I do! Please leave a comment below to support Elizabeth! Let’s show her that we believe in her strength to achieve her best health NOW!


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