Is This Story About YOU?

You’ve tried everything: herbs, specialists, tests.

You know more about food and healthy eating than your own doctor.

Your friends come to you for advice about healthy eating.

But something still doesn’t work. You still wake up not as energized as you should, you still feel bloated and and can’t tell from which foods trigger you because you already barely have any gluten in your diet and eat veggies like a cow. Too much fiber from veggies makes you feel like you have a watermelon in the stomach so you have to be careful with that one, too.

That inability to resolve your own issues feels frustrating and as if you are failing. How can it be if you are so health-conscious?

You read and google health related things daily. And all the contradictory info is overwhelming and confusing.

You want it to be simple, relaxed and non restrictive. Fear of various food is not a part of your ideal world picture.

By now you know the issue is deeper than just the food. It has emotional roots. It goes deep.

That uncovered emotional pain that you can’t fully understand yet leads to using food as the tranquilizer. You know better but you still binge eat or overeat.

You want a healthy regular digestion and a flat stomach but you are tired of restrictive diets.

You want to trust your body but you can’t.

You want to be a good partner and treat it with kindness but it’s not that easy.

Instead of being absorbed in resolving health issues you want to enjoy life with your family and friends. You want to be seen as someone free, fun, energetic and healthy not a miserable and sad person on a restricted diet

You want freedom not a prison of diet rules

You’ve done enough yo-yo whole tempted by quick fixes you know that that’s not a good long term strategy

Nevertheless, you are not ready to make peace with those extra pounds. You want to feel lighter and leaner but without force and pain

You want to feel confident in your body, when making food choices, or when feeding your family

You want to stop self-sabotage and get out of the negative thinking loop because deep down you know that thoughts turn into reality.

I know how painful and frustrating it can be to struggle with your own body and mind. I want to help you get out of this state of living.

On Wed, May 21st in a complimentary webinar Lighten Up! I will share psychology of creating change and letting go of the struggle. If you kept nodding your head while reading any of the above statements, join me and other women who are ready for the shift!

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This webinar is for women:

  • Who tried their hand out at quick solutions, failed and now ready for deep internal transformation
  • Who are struggling with their body and can’t get to a trusting relationship with it ( Does this sound familiar: ‘if I don’t exercise I will explode in a week’, ‘if I have a cookie, I will eat the entire box’?)
  • Who want to feel light in the body, enjoy food without guilt and feel free
  • Who wants to take charge of health, weight and digestion
  • Who wants support and direction on her journey
  • Who wants to understand the body, it’s needs and create a healthy relationship with it
  • Who is tired of trying and forcing, ready to let go of struggling with food and body

I hope to see you on Wed online! Sign up to Lighten Up!

Doubt and Fear Holding Me (and You) Back Lighten Up - 90 min webinar replay!