How To Prevent Sugar Cravings: 10 Effective Unconventional Secrets

We’ve all heard about ways to combat food cravings: get busy to distract yourself, go for a walk, write it in a food journal, remove all tempting food from your fridge/cupboard, just will your way through it. It is all valid advice but may not address the root cause – the actual reason for your food cravings.

As someone who has a sweet tooth and after working with hundreds of women who are addicted to sugar, I developed a roster of effective tips that help to prevent sugar cravings.

These unconventional tips are pulled from several of my favorite disciplines: Ayurveda – an ancient Indian science of life and health, Mindfulness – a practice of awareness that is extremely helpful in getting to know one’s body, emotions, and triggers on a much deeper level, and psychology.

So if the regular advice of “eat more protein and fats” and avoid sugar at all costs is not working out for you, these tips might provide you the necessary support to break sugar addiction and gain freedom.

I am not talking about managing sugar cravings. I am talking about preventing them from appearing in the first place!

If you ever struggled with sugar cravings, I have great news for you! In my online class, I’ll walk you through my Top 10 Big Ideas on  “How to Prevent Sugar Cravings: 10 Effective Unconventional Secrets.”

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