Happy and Slim Holidays Workshop

Fall is officially here and holiday season is right around the corner. Halloween with its tiny sexy costumes will be followed by Thanksgiving dinners, corporate parties, Christmas, and New Years celebrations.

Does the thought of shopping for a sexy Halloween costume makes you cringe and creates knots in your stomach?

Then this workshop is for you, keep reading to find out what we have in store for you!

Candy, chocolate, cookies, and cupcakes… Cacao, spiced apple cider, and pumpkin spice lattes… Holidays season is almost here along with its colorful multitude of sugary treats and fall-inspired drinks.

Halloween is just the beginning of a two month holiday parade with endless parties, dinners, and cocktail hours.

It’s the time when staying true to clean eating can become challenging to say the least.

One of the reasons is the constant availability of sugary treats. At the office, at home, at your relatives…

Everywhere you go there will be piles, baskets, and mounds of sweet — where can a poor girl find enough willpower to not overindulge in sugar and maintain a waist line?!

Fellow Health Coach, Jovanka Ciares, and I will share our Happy and Slim Holiday Secrets during the upcoming lecture on Oct 10th.

You will also taste some of the best in the city vegan, raw, gluten free seasonal foods! All organic, local, and made with love at Lifethyme kitchen.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to make it through the holiday season without gaining any weight or loosing their mind. It’ll give you tips on how to avoid feeling heavy after a huge family dinner, how to support digestion, and how not to gain any unwanted weight.

Details: Lecture and a Fall-Inspired Healthy Food Tasting 

When: Wed, Oct 10th 6-8PM

Where: Lifethyme Natural Health Store. 410 6th Ave (btw 8th and 9th st) 2nd fl

Cost: $30

You will learn:
  • Ways to avoid weight gain during the holidays
  • Tips to avoid post-party hangover!
  • All seasonal fruits and vegetables and new ways to cook them, so you never have to spend hour online looking for recipes
  • How to prevent the onset of the seasonal colds and mood slump
  • Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine basics to stay healthy and vibrant during colder months
  • Effective ways to resolve chronic digestion problems, prevent dry skin, and avoid fatigue & insomnia which can be triggered by the change of seasons and holidays stress
You will leave the workshop full of new ideas to freshen up your healthy eating plan for the holiday season and a happy belly full after an array of delicious foods from Lifethyme kitchen.

Holidays even though really fun, are not as restful to our entire body as they should be. More than a month of endless corporate parties, family dinners, friends’ get-togethers can often lead to extra work for our liver, spleen, digestion, and nervous system. A few extra eggnogs and a couple of helpings of grandma’s special stuffing can make favorite jeans a size too small and can lead to an after-holiday depression.

One might say that this is just a regular annual cycle of our life. Gain weight in the winter, struggle to lose it in the spring to show it off in the summer. We say it doesn’t have to be this way!

A family feast doesn’t have to lead to a bulging belly and a hangover is not a must for the day after the corporate party!

You owe it to yourself to learn how to maintain your hard-earned waist line and sanity during the holidays!

This workshop will serve as a powerful catalyst for positive and lasting change in your life. Deep, inspiring and transformative – this event is for someone who is ready to take charge of their life and weight!

See you Wed, Oct 10th 6-8PM for a fun girly chat and amazing food!

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