Ayurvedic Guide to Fall Farmer's Market

A new article at Mind Body Green – a great resource for anyone trying to lead a healthy life style! Learn how to navigate Fall Farmer’s Market to keep Vata dosha balanced throughout Fall and Winter. If you want to learn more about Ayurveda and hang out with cool yoga peeps, sign up for the upcoming Ayurvedic Farmer’s Market tour and Brunch.

All the colorful fruits and vegetables are pleasing to the eye, friendly health-conscious farmers are fun to chat with, and there is nothing better than cooking with fresh home grown ingredients. The fall farmers’ market is especially rich and colorful with its bright orange pumpkins, just-off-the tree apples, and multiple kinds of squashes (one farmer boasted to me that he has over 15 kinds of squashes even though he doesn’t know how to cook them!).

Nature is genius in the way it correlates the change in weather with the change in what grows and ripens in the garden. Traditional local fall produce is exactly what an Ayurvedic specialist would recommend for the chilly Vata season: nourishing, grounding, sweet fruits and veggies.

One of the main guidelines for fall’s farmers’ market shopping is to look for warm bright colors. Vata season (October – March) is dry and cold by its nature and it requires the opposite qualities to balance it out. Beets, carrots, squashes, and pumpkins are all perfect choices during Vata season. … read more

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