Good Belly, Flat Belly, Bloated Belly, Disgusting Belly

The Power Of Being Present With Unpleasant

At one point or another most of us feel that our body is slowing down our progress to live our dreams, or that it cure bloatinggets in a way of our happiness.  It might be the whole body or just one particular area. Almost all the women I met hate at least one particular part of their body. They want to tighten it, lighten it, strengthen it, correct it, straighten it, or enlarge it.

‘If only it wasn’t for my bloated stomach, I would be able to wear my favorite sexy dress and finally find the love of my life. If it wasn’t for my chunky legs, I would be so much more desirable and attractive. If it wasn’t for my stretch marks, I would have an amazing sex life. If it wasn’t for me big nose, I would be the happiest person in the world….” 

Do you have thoughts similar to this about any particular body part or organ in your body?

Emotionally we send a lot of negative energy to that part of the body. We reject it, curse it, blame it, struggle with it. We don’t want to accept it, love it, caress it, or take care of it. We have cabinets of supplements to make it better. We read about it. We search to resolve it.

We get caught up in ‘if only, I would’ mode, in jealousy towards people who have it ‘better’ and ‘easier’, and in trying to ‘fix’ things approach.

Ignore It And It Will Never Go Away

When something is painful or unpleasant, we tend to avoid feeling it as much as possible. It’s a natural response.

I noticed that most women who suffer from bloating, don’t breathe into their belly. They try to avoid feeling that area.

A lot of women who are unhappy with their weight, wear baggy ugly clothes that don’t flatter them in any way but instead hide the so called imperfections.

Similarly, people who hate their insomnia or anxiety, take pills to mask the symptoms refusing to experience those unpleasant feelings.

This desire to avoid feeling anything unpleasant, to ‘fix’ as quickly as possible and avoid feeling bad, unfortunately, often stops us from learning from our body.

Every unpleasant feeling, symptoms, disease, or discomfort is a way for our body to communicate and tell us something useful about our environment, relationships, behaviors, food, or emotional patterns. Feeling bad is a sign that you need to learn something. Unless you actively try to understand the lesson, this bad feeling and a pattern that creates it will keep re-occuring.

The only way to understand the lesson that our wise body is trying to share is to be present and listen. It means accepting the present situation, acknowledging it, and feeling the way it feels in your body.

It also might mean taking responsibility for bringing on that symptom and asking your body for forgiveness and guidance in making things better.

Your body is not against you, it is on your team. It’s your best partner and teacher. The more you listen, be present with what is, the more your body will share. It’s voice will get easier to understand and you will trust it more.

An area of your body or an organ that might be causing distress or negativity in your life need attention, love and support. It does not need ‘fixing’. It is trying to get you to listen and learn.

Through accepting and choosing love and attention, we can create positive change or at least live with more peace and calm.

The change in healing approach can also show up as treating symptoms as a pleading for help, not as an unwelcome annoyance in your life.

So if your stomach feels bloated and heavy, try looking at it as a message from your body saying that the past meal or the way it was eaten is not fostering vibrant health. As any relationship, the relationship between ourselves and our body takes daily attention, patience, trust, and compassion.

The next time when you feel bad, unpleasant, stuck, bloated, heavy, or anything else negative, before masking the symptoms, take 5 minutes to be those feelings. Be with your cravings, be with your pain, be with your discomfort, just BE. Ask your body what it is trying to communicate to you through this pain. What is the lesson here?

The more you breathe into WHAT IS, the more likely the lesson will become clear and the discomfort will dissolve. Once your body knows that you are listening, it will stop trying to get your attention with dramatic measures. It will communicate with more gentle and pleasant sensations.

Robin Lee, a medical intuitive and the founder of that I was lucky enough to have a session with and do an interview on listening to our bodies says: “Our bodies are incredibly happy to communicate with us, we just need to remember to slow down and make it a priority to listen. The biggest trick to learning to connect to yourself is making the space, asking a question, taking a breath and time to listen — and then honoring what your body has requested you do to support it.”

You can find Robin’s interview on listening to your body here. It can be strange to start including your body in making decisions about your health and giving it authority but at the end it works, so cares it if it is strange:).

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