Digestion Video - Agnisar Kriya

This simple yoga technique will help detoxify and cleanse your body, stimulate digestion, and get your digestive system to work at its optimum level.


Instructions: Stand and bend slightly forward from the waist. Keeping the back straight. Rest your hands on your knees, with thumbs facing inward and pointing towards each other. Make sure the arms are straight. Now, breathe in deeply. Exhale completely and hold your breath. While holding breath in this position, contract or expand out your abdominal muscles in and out. This should be done rapidly while holding the exhaled position. Do not inhale. Do this as many times as possible and then slowly inhale. This is one round. Beginners can begin with 5 rounds. This is best when practiced in the mornings on empty stomach after emptying the bowels.

Benefits: In yoga therapy, agni sara is recommended for most digestive problems, obesity, toning kidneys, colon, small intestines, brightening of the complexion, lower back problems, the removal of toxins, and the enhancement of the immune system and liver. It is excellent for the health of the abdominal organs and the digestive system. Works wonders on a sluggish liver and kidneys.

More digestion videos to come! Stay tuned for the seated and standing sequences of the Happy Belly Series!

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