Conquer Sleep problems like an elite pilot with Live Shilajit

America is a sleep deprived nation. Experts estimate that 50-70 million adults in the United States have the sleep issue. Many chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity go hand-in-hand with sleep problems. “Sleeping it off “is one of the best natural medicines one should always have available. It is not always possible with the modern day lifestyle.

Falling asleep naturally in reality is easier said than done for many people. Stress at work, bright lights, computers, going out, irregular schedules, stress all contribute to sleeplessness. Taking harsh pharmaceuticals is not an option for some due to side effects. The drugs currently on the market can cause: memory loss, anxiety, hallucinations and thoughts of suicide. Even though most people do not experience major side effects, many agree that synthetic pharmaceuticals make them feel uncomfortable.

Professionals affected by sleep distress the most often are pilots and flight attendants. Their situation is worse than of shift workers who do not travel long distances over short time spans. Work lifestyle of flight personnel greatly contributes to all the problems that come along with sleep problems and all the accompanying health challenges, including premature aging.

Interesting, but the industry adapts and pros develop excellent coping habits and use effective holistic tools. Starting with breathing exercises, meditation and self-control all the way to high-quality natural substances helping with the sleep. Many pilots and flight attendants take pride in being able to do their jobs effectively without letting irregular sleep affect the quality of what they do. After all, they are responsible for transportation and safety human lives. These professionals also make an exemplary case study of overcoming sleep issues effectively. Let’s look into one powerful tool they use.

Natural, exotic but gaining popularity very fast is Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit, especially among people who fly a lot. It is a unique substance different from synthetic pharmaceuticals and conventional, holistic sleeping aids. Sometimes called Shilajit or Moomiyo it is considered a supreme health supporting substance in Ayurveda and Eastern European traditional medicine. This resin supports better in quality sleep. It also demonstrates a unique property of supporting the body during sleep deprivation and stress. It is not stimulating as most caffeinated products are, hence does not disrupt sleep and wake cycle. Another unique quality to Pürblack is that it promotes very fast adaptation to new geographic locations. This is especially helpful for people who travel a lot.

The substance comes in an exotic form of resin and is dissolved in water for consumption. It is not the most convenient consumption form, but Pürblack intentionally put out the product in its authentic form to stand apart from powdered and encapsulated counterfeits.

One has to be careful to not use a fake product. Shilajit-Moomiyo is the most counterfeited supplement in the world. Many companies will offer a substandard product cloaked in a nice marketing story. One should only obtain Shilajit from manufacturers who publish comprehensive lab tests and specialize only in one thing. It is safe to get the product from American or German companies, that developed manufacturing process intellectual property and make elite resins effective in sleep management.

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