Ayurvedically Designed Springtime Juice Recipe




After a month of traveling through the Northern India and then taking a quick weekend break in Miami, I am finally back home and back to my green juices! Oh, dear Omega, how I missed you!

It feels good to be back to a health food abundant NYC, especially in the Spring when the greens on the Farmer’s Markets are fresher than ever and the trees in all the parks start to bloom.

Central Park Blooming Trees from Inhabitat 'Best Places To See Spring'

Our trip to India was full of adventures and memorable experiences that I will talk about in the upcoming posts in the near future. For now, take a look at the first album from the ashram. We had a few professional photographers clicking their cameras nonstop so there will be many more pics coming soon!

While I am busy writing about India, Vedanta, meditation, and marriages at Taj Mahal, check out my Spring inspired ayurvedically designed Kapha balancing juice. Spring is a Kapha season. When Kapha is aggravated, it shows up as weight gain, allergies, lethargy, sluggishness, and water retention.

A good way to reduce Kapha is with a diet full of Spring abound greens, spices, and warm herbal teas. Check out Ayurvedic Spring shopping list for what to eat and what to skip in your diet. This juice includes tons of mineral and vitamin-rich young greens, digestion stimulating and blood sugar-balancing spices: cinnamon and ginger; and bloating preventing fennel. What more to wish in a green drink?!

Ayurvedically Designed Kapha Balancing  Juice
1/2 bunch of parsley
4 leafs of Swiss Chard
1/2 pink grapefruit
1/2 cucumber
2” ginger
2 green stalks fennel
Dash of cinnamon

Juice and sip slowly! Remember all the Ayurvedic Juice drinking guidelines!!! If you are feeling a need to intensify the cleansing power of this juice, add a few stalks of dandelion. This amazing weed has some amazing super powers when it comes to detox and weight loss. I wrote about it awhile a go here.

While you sip this amazing fat-busting nectar, check out this movie Hungry for Change. You can watch it online for free until the Sat night, so don’t miss it!

And afterwards dance to this AMAZING song Shiva Sambhu!

How was your month? What are you waiting for the most from Spinach and Yoga in the near future besides all the India stories?


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