Ayurvedic Morning Glow Routine: FREE Call 5/30 8pm EST

10 Proven Strategies to Get Your Skin Glowing and Body Energized

Hello beauty queens and handsome kings!

I have a very special invitation for you! Ashley, the founder of Vixi virtual ashram, and I are hosting our first FREE call: The Ultimate Morning Glow Routine! We will share ayurvedic tips and tricks that worked for both of us to start the days with the best looks and energy.

We will talk about really cool things:

  • how to wake up easily and without an alarm
  • a natural alternative to Listerine
  • how and why to start a regular meditation routine
  • one simple way to ground yourself and reduce anxiety
  • how to get regular

The call is absolutely free and if you can’t make the time, you can still register and we will send you an mp3 recording!

At the end of the call we will have a Q&A session. If you have any questions, please leave them int he comments for this post or ask them live during the call!

If are in for a chat, RESERVE YOUR SPOT and join the other 125+ lucky folks!

Can’t wait to talk to you!

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