Ayurvedic Alternatives to Cold Medicine

Good Monday, Healthy Tribe!

Did you notice all the sick people around? Are they scaring you with their coughs and sneezing?

Living and sleeping next to my sick boyfriend this past week made me search through the vasts of online web and my modest ayurvedic library for natural immune-boosters and cold cures. I found quite a few yummy powerful “medicines”. I shared some of them on Mind Body Green in a recent article. Below is a recipe for Turmeric Ginger Lemonade that turned out pretty damn good! I might keep drinking it even though we are done with colds in our home! You can read about other cold-busting ayurvedic recipes in the article.


Question to you: What do you do to keep your immune system strong in the Winter? Please share your tips and natural cures recipes in the comments section!

Stay healthy!

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