An Amazing Wellness Deal

40+ days of Unlimited Yoga, Spinning, Dancing, and Personalized Wellness Coaching

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Dear wellness explorers,

In the last few years I observed a very encouraging trend when it comes to wellness – anyone can achieve their wellness goals if there is a proper support system.

A strong support system usually includes several aspects:

An inspiring wellness vision that is based on your values and passions. If you are the one who created the vision, not copied someone else’s from a magazine, it will be a lot more valuable to you and will lead you to success
Support and understanding from friends and loved ones who will keep you accountable and cheer you on along the way
SMART wellness goals that create a clear route to wellness vision through specific day to day steps that you can act on
Effective cooking, working out, going out, grocery shopping strategies that you can use as tools to support your goals.
Access to your favorite ways to move the body. Whatever makes you and your body happy. Running, yoga, dancing, spinning, walking, it all works if you do it consistently.
Someone who will listen to you without judgement and prejudice. Who will help you bounce back ideas and brainstorm to find the best ways to achieve your wellness vision and overcome barriers along the way
Regular self-inquiry and meditation that brings clarity and inspiration. Meditation or just turning attention inwards gives access to the internal resources of creativity and inspiration. When it comes from within you, it will be in line with who you are. We are all unique and our roads to wellness are unique as well. To find your own path, you need to listen to your internal voice first of all.
Encouragement and celebration along the way. Who doesn’t like to celebrate? Sometimes, we forget to recognize our achievements either because of a low self-esteem or due to the lack of time. You need to learn how to appreciate every small step in the right direction and in no time you will sprint, not just walk to your best self.

The more items you can check off, the easier it will be to get to your wellness vision.

Many wellness programs offer only 1 or 2 aspects necessary for creating a long-lasting positive change in health-related behaviors. Some programs offer unlimited yoga or fitness deals, other offer encouragement and support, wellness coaches provide guidance but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Inspired by our students and teachers, May and I worked hard to put together a program that touches upon every single must-have to help you achieve your wellness vision.

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The 40-Day Path to Liberation is a powerful program that will help you to rediscover your passion for life, transform your body and help you find a new level of confidence and happiness. Over six weeks, you will rise to the challenges of a committed physical practice, meditation and self-inquiry, intuitive nutrition and personal exploration that will together form a powerful catalyst for positive and lasting change in your life. Challenging, inspiring and transformative – this program is for someone who is ready to take charge of their life!
This elaborate very thought-out program includes:

  • Three hours of personal coaching** ($450 value)
  • Six 2 hour workshops on nutrition, meditation, yoga philosophy, goal setting, grocery shopping, and other important aspects of wellness $300 value
  • Unlimited yoga at Pablo Fitness* ($140)
  • Unlimited spinning at Pablo Fitness* ($510)
  • Unlimited zumba at Pablo Fitness* ($140)
  • A step by step wellness manual with strategies, recipes, and worksheets ($150)
  • Discounts to ayurveda consultants, acupuncture sessions, and photographer to capture the new beautiful you!
  • Weekly support email filled with tips, advice, and inspirational stories (inspiration is priceless!)

Total Value of $1600+!!!

*Includes unlimited access to all classes from the day of purchase to program conclusion

** Every participant will get personalized attention, including individual coaching with Nadya.

Program Dates:

Your unlimited pass to Pablo Fitness starts the day of purchase and will last until the last day of the program in mid Feb
2-hour workshops will be held on Sundays: Jan 8, 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12
Final Meeting/Celebration Date TBD

Cost: $325

This program is a perfect way to get a head start on offsetting holiday indulgences and NY Resolutions!!

We want to help as many people as possible to find their road to wellness but to keep the program personal we decided to set the limit at 12 people. A few already signed up but a few spots are still left.

To sign up or ask questions:

Call Pablo Fitness (212) 308-0077 or Nadya (646)239-6623

email: nadyaand at gmail (dot) com

or leave a comment and I will get back to you within 24 hours
Program Organizers:
May Tong started her yoga practice in 2005 as a way to alleviate intense back pains. The transformation in her mind, body and spirit was so profound that she has cultivated a daily yoga practice since. The mental and physical liberation from yoga inspired her to take on running and cycling as well. She studied under Liz Mandarano and Jill Camera to attain her 200-hour Certification focusing on alignment and anatomy.  Later she completed Conquering Lion’s Teacher Training program under Kelly Morris with a focus on the philosophies and teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and how that can guide practitioners towards enlightenment.  She has also spent 3 years studying Baptiste Vinyasa and has explored Bikram and Iyengar. May is truly grateful and feels incredibly blessed to be able to study under so many wonderful teachers and for planting the seeds of this life-transforming personal journey. She hopes to be able to have the same influence on her students’ lives as her teachers have had on her’s by teaching a spiritual, dynamic and powerful flow that emphasizes strength and equanimity.

Nadya Andreeva is a yoga instructor and ayurveda enthusiast who grew up in Russia in a family of doctors. Nadya grew up practising yoga and learning about different healing approaches in Russia, India, and later all over the US. Trained in yoga and ayurveda Nadya works to create a wholesome path to wellness through yoga classes, personal wellness coaching, and nutrition workshops. She looks for ways to looking for ways to adapt ancient wisdom of ayurveda and yoga into the modern lifestyle and strongly believes in finding your own personal nutritionist inside instead of struggling to decipher contradicting messages from the media and western doctors. Her articles on yoga and nutrition are featured on MindBodyGreen, Modern Hippie Mag, Crazy Sexy Life and YogaCity NYC.

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