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Coming Out Clean and Program Offering

happybellyIf you have been reading my blog, you know that I am all about healthy efficient digestion. I strongly believe that we are what we digest, that our health depends on how we assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste.

Here is why I am so crazy about digestion: our body is constantly renewing and building new cells. New cells are being built out of the nutrients that we get from the food. If the food that we eat is not nutritious, if our body is not absorbing the nutrients, or not eliminating the waste, the new cells cannot be healthy from the very beginning.

In Ayurevda digestion is considered to be a corner of health. No matter how high-quality organic produce you eat, if you can’t digest it and assimilate the nutrients while efficiently eliminating the waste, your body will have hard time building healthy cells.

A healthy belly is the one that digests food well, makes the entire body feel energized, light, and happy.

Unfortunately, many of us are way too familiar with the way an unhappy belly feels and looks: bloated, gassy, heavy, sluggish and irregular.

When that happens, the effects spread to the entire body. Suddenly the world is not as bright anymore and you don’t feel that comfortable in it. The energy level goes down, there is no desire to be social or active, and all your thoughts turn into an angry self-criticizing monologue towards the body.

My Story

Throughout my life since early teenage years I had issues with digestion. My belly never was my close friend. We would always fight. I put more food in than necessary, my stomach would make me feel shitty by holding on to all the crap (literally) and poisoning my body and my mood. We were not in a good relationship. I would go as far as saying it was a mutually abusive relationship.

Throughout that time I was searching for answers to help me understand why my stomach was giving me so much trouble. I wanted to know why a simple physiological function that should happen automatically preoccupied such a big part of my brain and felt so nasty in my body.

What I wanted even more is a plan that would help me and my belly feel healthy and happy. I wanted to have a list of foods to eat and not eat, recipes to make, exercises to do, herbs to take. Anything and everything that would help and be effective. And I wanted it presented in a clear, easy to follow manner.

After years of experimenting and learning about my body, my belly and I are in a much more evolved loving relationship. I feed her well, it doesn’t get bloated or constipated. I massage it and do nauli (you can see it here) and it makes my entire body feel healthy and light by digesting food quickly and easily.

To share everything I learned along the way and to help other women who might be having digestive issues, I created a very special and dear to me Happy Sexy Belly program. I hope that it will save years of painful experimentation and research to those who are struggling with digestive un-ease. Even if it saves someone a day of feeling unpleasantly full from not going to the bathroom regularly, I will consider my mission accomplished!

Please Meet – Happy Sexy Belly Program

happysexybellyHappy Sexy Belly is a well-rounded 6 weeks program that will help to relieve bloating, swelling, gas, and improve regularity. It covers everything from what to eat, drink, how to exercise, how to use visualization and positive affirmation and breath to make friends with your belly and improve digestion. This program brings together the best and the most effective instruments of yoga, ayurveda, and modern science. It covers all aspects of living to create an efficient and healthy digestion from what you feed your body and how to do it, to what you think and how to breathe. The program is balanced and very holistic in its approach. It is about nourishing your system, not depleting it.
The program will cover the following:

  • Digestion – why it is a cornerstone of health
  • Understanding your symptoms (what causes bloating, irregularity and gas)
  • Getting back to Innate Digestive Health
  • Soothing Sensitive Belly
  • Restoring Regularity
  • Beat the Bloat
  • Food combining
  • How many times per day to eat and why
  • Spices, Teas and special brews (resources where to get and how to make)
  • Gluten, dairy and other tricky foods
  • Skillful Eating
  • Mild detox at home
  • Foods to favor and which one to avoid (grocery shopping tips)
  • Snacks to Love and Snacks to Cut
  • Stress and Digestion Connection
  • Caffeine and Digestion
  • Sensitive Belly Travel Helper
  • Recipes

As a bonus all the participant will get access to video interviews with experts of digestion!

You will also get the following downloads:

  • Happy Belly grocery shopping list
  • Ayurvedic and other natural supplements for digestion
  • Abdominal massage video
  • Happy Belly Substitutions Guide
  • Mindful Eating Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra relaxation
  • Food Combining Chart
  • Lots of recipes!

I Invite you to join me!

icon - register nowHaving a flat regular belly that feels nourished and relaxed can be a great health and self-image booster. I hope that this program will help to improve your mind-body relationship and eliminate a negative self-talk that we tend to engage in when our stomach doesn’t look ‘right’ in a tight dress.

My goal is to spread the knowledge about the importance of a healthy digestion and to help women understand the connection between their emotions, stress/tension, and digestion. I hope you join me on this journey!

Registration for a 6 weeks Happy Sexy Belly Program is live!

You can register for 50% ($124) before this Sat using this code GDCHMV3V. After this 1/12 the program will be available for $247

To get a preview of Learn It Live classes, you can watch a video recording of my last class Get Clean, Feel Light in 2013
See you in class!
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