9 Months Around The World Tour Announcement - How It Came Into Being

In December of 2014 after spending 2 transformational says with Christine Arylo, I was flying on a helicopter over Maui. Those 30 minutes in the air were on the of the most emotionally charged experiences I had in a long time.
IMG_2062Seeing the beauty of Mother Nature, its creation potential and the amazing results of her work (mountains, waterfalls, valleys, lush green areas and huge black rocks that met the waves brought me to tears. I was filled with awe and wanted more. I wanted to see more nature and be present in her beauty. The only thing was that our trip was short, I had lots of work to come back to and I also had lots of personal patterns that kept me in the ‘doing/productive/delivering’ mode 90% of the time.
I kept the desire for adventure alive even though I had no idea how it would bring itself to life or how it would look. 
Even though long adventurous travel didn’t seem realistic at the time with work constraints, I couldn’t deny at least the desire. Nobody can get in the way of our dreaming besides our super realistic and logical mind.
In January my coach asked me to create 2015 altar – my focus, mantra, desires, support systems for the year. It was a fun process that got me drawing and using water colors the first time in years!
Adventure was the first of my desires on my altar. I didn’t put much thought into what it meant or how it would manifest. Little did I know that in 3 months my husband and I will decide to take a 9 months world tour instead of a regular honeymoon…
I’m still coming to terms and trying to fully wrap my head around the fact that starting today, I won’t be back to our apartment until the end of March or April or maybe even later. The fact that I’m leaving all the things I m used to and going to travel the world with a carry on is still blowing my mind.

A lot of people asked me so far: How did you decide to do it? How did you decide to take off considering that you have a business to run and responsibilities to attend to? 

The answer is simple: there will never be a perfect time. It will never be easy to restructure your life and responsibilities. There will always be lots of BUTs that make it seem impossible so the only way out is through. Through fear, excuses, procrastination, delays, and all other roadblocks. Embrace your desire and commit to at least exploring the validity of fears and excuses holding you back.

For me I had to deal with some beliefs and patterns that we’re getting in the way ( you might resonate with a few):

  • I had to release a belief that my self-worth equals my achievements and my busyness equals productivity. Until the beginning of this year my self worth and self respect were based solely on how busy my calendar was and how many projects I participated in. This belief kept me working hard, kept me thinking that enjoying life, taking time to eat without multitasking, having empty space with nothing to do was a waste of time. My biggest fear was to be unproductive and not useful. How else do you deserve love as if not with your achievements and your busy schedule that makes you seem important and your work meaningful? I had to dig deep and re-frame my values. It had to be wisdom gained through experience not theory. Through self-reflection and lots of journalling, by remembering my happiest and most fulfilling moments I realized that they had nothing to do with my work or achievements. With time and more reflection I released the fear that having a day focused on joy and leisure was not a waste of time or unproductive. And pushing the boundary further than having months solely for adventure, exploration and my personal growth we re not a waste of time either. What is your self-worth based on? Would you respect and love yourself if you weren’t a busy bee or if you lost your job? Self-worth should be inherent. As a soul having a physical experience, YOU are worthy for being you. And you deserve me-time, enough rest, good food eaten without rush or distraction, daily movement and time for regular reflection and spiritual practice. It is up to you to design your life to provide it to yourself and to do that you will have to cultivate self-love and self-worth.
  • ‘My business will fall apart’ was another big fear. I poured lots of energy and time into building my practice and putting a hold on working with clients or responding to media requests seemed like an irresponsible thing to do. However, I always believed that giving to others have to come from a container that is overflowing. Lately, I haven’t been feeling as excited and drawn to work as I was in the first couple of years. Of course, I could keep doing it just because this is what I know and because it makes money but it’s not motivating for me. I m committed to live as closely aligned to my values and passions as I can. Doing the work I love and feel passionate about is something that is very important to me. Taking almost a year off will help me get a new perspective on how I want to continue working with women and, hopefully, fill up my container with a new level of passion. What are you holding on to that is not as exciting as it was before? Where in your life are you ready for a transformation?
  • The third major pattern was cultivating trust and surrender. Isn’t it a comforting thought that You can control and choose what happens in your life. The only thing is that control is an energy sucking illusion. I had to come to terms that there is something besides me guiding my life. Trust is so hard for me. Trusting my body over my brain is hard. Trusting that things will workout the way they are meant to was also difficult but it allows for a possibility that I don’t have to struggle with the present. I m where I m because I need to be here. It is true now, was true yesterday and will be true tomorrow: so I can somewhat relax and let of of control and meticulous planning and watch life unfold in front of me the way it is meant to. My meditation practice evolved along with the trust I gained. I started feeling more connected to my teachers and the divine energy. I also started finishing my meditation with a prayer (so good and unusual for a pitta mind to rely on guidance not just logic). I kept remembering Dr Claudia Welch’s words that pittas mind needs surrender the most. (Read type A/ overachiever). Surrender to the feet of God. Let go. Let the flow take over. This was my practice over the passed few months. Trust and surrender is a daily practice for me and I still like to control certain things. For example, I trust that we will find wonderful local food in most places we go but I also sent packages to a few places in the world with my favorite teas, herbs and Dr Ohirra probiotics. You know, just to help out the universe to take care of me!:) Where in your life are you trying to control the uncontrollable? Where can you let go and surrender?

While we travel the world, I would love to still stay in touch with you! I will share my adventures and lots of pictures on Instagram @happynadyaz and will blog when time allows. I also have prepared some articles about Ayurveda for you and will release them one at a time.

Lots of love!
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