3 Steps To The Body Of Your Dreams

You know all the theory when it comes to eating right. You know that you need to eat greens and cut down on sugar. You know that bread and chips are not healthy. You are fully aware that cookies are not particularly nutritious…

You probably tried to follow all the rules but then life happened, you got stressed out, social pressure was too strong, willpower came to its limit… and as a result you might still not be where you want to be. Jeans are still too tight, the image in the mirror is still far from what you want to see, and stomach still feels bloated…

I know how it feels to fail over and over again with diets and strict rules. I am not particularly good at relying on my willpower. I like to do what I enjoy and avoid restrictions in all areas of my life, including diet.

So in the last few months I was experimenting with finding an easier, softer, more feminine approach to daily choices when it comes to eating and exercising. I was following 3 simple steps to shift from willpower to intuitive guidance. I wasn’t sure if it will work but it did!

Today, I want to share those 3 step with you. It’s a quick video filmed with an iphone but the point is not the video quality or my non-existent tech skills but the message that I want to share with you.

I really do believe that if you choose to try using the same 3 steps in your daily living, there will be a shift in your cravings, desires, and the degree of internal guidance that you get from your body.

You can watch the video below:

In the video you will learn how to use intuition and body’s wisdom to lose weight, improve digestion, and lead an inspired life every day. 3 steps that anyone can do!

If you are in NYC, join me this Saturday, August 3rd for some yoga, meditation, and a friendly discussion on ways to stay healthy and relaxed in NYC. RSVP here. Invite your girlfriends to join!

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