3 Months Coaching

3 Months To Feeling Light and Bright

You are ready to feel amazing and to stop self-sabotage

Ready to completely transform the way you feel, approach food, and understand what your body really needs to feel amazing? Your search ends here.

In three amazing months, you can create a beautiful trust-based relationship with your body, learn to use your intuition when it comes to food and movement, and find exactly which foods fuel your body without making you look 5 month pregnant from a bloated belly.

Change can be hard. With proper support and guidance it becomes easier. It will be easier with someone by your side to keep your accountable, positive, and on-track. That’s where I come in.

Together, we’ll get you clear on exactly how you want to feel, and create a do-able, easy-to-implement strategy to get you there. No matter how busy your schedule, or how long you’ve been grappling with certain issues – we can find your answers once and for all.

If you’re struggling with challenges around food or digestion, that’s a sign you need more than another diet plan: your relationship to food needs healing. Your fear, compulsive eating habits, and addictions are putting the FOOD in control, instead of you.

I can teach you the guidelines and inspirational ideas that allow you to work with your body, and take back the reins.

Remember: in a healthy relationship, food is an instrument that can help you move closer to the way you want to feel; whether it’s pleasure, energy, or a sense of calm. And when know exactly how to use it that instrument – you set yourself free.

While this package is tailored to suit each individual client, here’s the basic gist of what’s under the hood:

  • Access to my Wellness Questionnaire before we get started, so you can gain more clarity around what you want to achieve in our time together

  • A 2 hour consultation to start our journey, where we’ll go over your questionnaire, set a list of achievable goals, and start figuring out the small steps that will give you BIG results

  • 8 60 minute support calls for any additional help you may need

  • In-depth personalized guidance about your diet, daily routine, and exercise, so you know where you’re going every step of the way

  • Worksheets, journaling exercises, and mp3 records to speed up your progress, and give you a deep understanding of exactly what you’re doing

  • Access to high-content video training that you can watch on your own schedule (over 10 hours of actionable tips), including:

    • Happy Belly Class (for better digestion health, and making smarter choices)

    • 5 Steps to Great All-Day Energy

    • The Morning Glow Routine

    • Detox Class

    • Healthy Quick Meals

PLUS additional resources and tips according to your specific needs.

You deserve to feel incredible, connected to your body, and bring your battle with food to an end.

Switch out stress and frustration for peace and freedom – the changes that unfold will amaze you.

We all know what to do to be healthy, we just don’t do it. We know that cake is not good but we eat it, we know that we need to get outside but we spend the entire weekend laying on the couch. Health and wellness is not a matter of only what you know, it is a matter of integrity and following through on what you know. It is a matter of creating an honest mutually-beneficial relationship with your body.

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Your investment: $2500

Love Notes From Clients Just Like You

michelelopez“I have been working with Nadya for a few months now and it has been one of the most delightful experiences of my life. She is a breath of fresh air. I have worked with other individuals in the past and I have never had such a positive experience. For once in my 38 years of life, I have found someone who truly supports me to become the better version of me. In no way does Nadya try to make me more like her, she helps and supports me become more like me. It has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life. I feel blessed to have had her enter my life.” Michele Lopez



photo-12“Nadya has opened up to me the concept of learning to listen to my body – something I’d never consciously done in any consistent way. But beyond introducing the concept, she gives steady guidance along the way on just how to actually do that. From morning rituals to food combining guidelines, she presents Ayurvedic principles in clear, inviting ways, personalized for my particular body type and the concerns I shared with her at our first session. Implementing her teaching has resulted in healing my digestive system – without medication. I now feel, as her book subtitle says, “vibrant, light and balanced” nearly all of the time. And those few times when I don’t, I have the tools to figure out what I need to do to get back on track.” Sue Ellen Page Princeton, NJ USA

“I met Nadya eight months ago and my life hasn’t been the same since!  She has helped me in the most profound way and I cannot thank her enough.  After years and years of struggling, Nadya has helped me make peace with my body, my mind and the connection between the two.  For this, I will always be grateful. This peace has then rippled into so many areas of my life.  Not only am I so much healthier, but as a secondary benefit, the weight I needed to lose fell off without even trying.

I love Nadya’s approach to taking care of oneself.  She teaches you to nurture yourself, rather than deprive yourself.  Through these actions, you will then heal and balance your body.  The most profound thing she has taught me is that I am unique and I need to stay true to myself when choosing which foods to eat and which ways to take care of myself.  She is helping me become the best version of myself!

I have already told so many of my friends all about Nadya.  The best part of working with Nadya is how open, warm and caring she is.  She is so easy to talk to- I never felt judged, only encouraged.  She has brought so much peace to my life- I hope she can reach more and more women so they can feel the same peace!” Kim Wepler Hudson, Ohio