A War Against the Rush

How many times did you feel rushed today? Whether it’s working non-stop to finish a project, running to to a meeting, or to rushing to a yoga class, it seems like we’re almost always short on time. If only the day had an extra few hours, we say. I think even if it had another 10 hours, we would still be in a rush because we forgot how not to be.

A Simple Way to Reduce Anxiety

Every day we face many choices that were created by the society of abundance. We have a choice in most things that we do. These choices, whether you realize it or not, are a luxury. Most people in the world don’t face a hard choice between Chinese, Indian, or Italian cuisine for dinner.  It might sound surprising, but over-abundance of choice is one of the reasons our stress levels are so high. It’s too much self-inflicted decision-making.